Inspection Insights helps when you’re buying your home. Home Insights helps you to learn about and maintain your home after you move in. Tap or click to check out Inspection Insights and Home Insights!


Inspection Insights

Inspection Insights report helps you when you’re buying your home – what are the issues, why they’re important, and how to resolve. Click or tap Inspection Insights to check out one of our reports.

System and Component Assessment

Inspection Insights evaluates the condition of 125+ systems and components across a dozen major categories. You can’t always return to the property to see the issue for yourself – our report is the next best thing. We outline everything thoughtfully so you know exactly what the issues are.

Easy to Understand Graphics

We use colorful graphics to show you the status of systems and components. Our Graphical Summary is strategic – you and your real estate agent can quickly assess the status of the home and property and click-through to specific areas of interest.

Summaries and Ratings

Our report also features a summary for the issues discovered by our inspector. Our Narrative Summary gives you a narrative snapshot and prioritizes issues. You can click any issue to navigate to more details and photos.

Home insights

Our Home Insights report helps you learn about and maintain your home after you move in. Home Insights is our personalized, customized “homeowner’s guide to your new home.” Think of it as an owner’s manual. We inventory all components and show you how to enhance your comfort, ensure your safety, and maximize your investment. Click or tap Home Insights to check out one of our reports.