Pay at Closing!

What is Pay at Closing?

Pay at Closing provides clients with a substantial home inspection discount, an option to defer payment to closing, and a more seamless and integrated title and inspection journey.

Why do agents recommend Pay at Closing?

Because many clients like to pay later. Cash is precious, particularly for first-time homebuyers and other clients who prefer to allocate resources to other homebuying expenditures. Some consumers may also be waiting on funds from the sale of their current house. Buyers may also be able to take advantage of listing credits by deferring inspection payment to closing.

Which title companies are eligible for Pay at Closing?

RGS Title and Sage Title Group, two of the mid-Atlantic region’s largest and best settlement companies.

How do clients select Pay at Closing?

After scheduling a home inspection, the client and agent receive an email/text with a link to their shared Insight Dashboard, at which the clients can select Pay at Closing.

How do clients take advantage of the $55 home inspection discount?

Ask your Sage Title Group or RGS Title representative for the special $55 promo code! You can apply the promo code when scheduling OR a you can enter the promo code when adding payment details on the Insight Dashboard.

Are clients required to use Pay at Closing?

No. Clients who work with Insight Inspections and RGS or Sage can pay with credit/debit card and still receive our $55 home inspection discount.

Can clients work with other title companies?

Yes, but Pay at Closing and the inspection discount are only available to clients who work with RGS Title or Sage Title Group.

How do title companies know a client has opted for Pay at Closing?

Insight’s tech platform sends data to title companies’ platforms; we manage the entire process safely and securely for agents and clients.

What happens if the transaction doesn’t reach settlement?

We capture a credit card as a backup. If a transaction doesn’t close, we charge the credit card. We do not store credit card data. Payment is managed by Stripe, the country’s leading secure credit card payment processor.

Do other companies offer integrated Pay at Closing?

No. Pay at Closing is a product that is unique to Insight Inspections and our title partners.