James Mayo-Pitts

PHONE: (571) 730-0891

EMAIL : james.mayo-pitts@insightinspections.com


Jurisdiction Inspection Type License Number
VirginiaHome Inspection3380001858
VirginiaIndoor Air Quality (Mold)NACHI21030334
VirginiaRadon InspectionNACHI21030334

James combines his experience in home renovation and property maintenance with a practical understanding of home ownership to deliver exceptional home inspections. His knowledge, inspection experience, and teaching skills give customers peace of mind during the home-buying process.

James is a proud veteran of the US Army and a lifelong public school educator. He has building and property maintenance experience with private and large public organizations. Home inspecting is a natural extension of his love of creating and maintaining beautiful homes. James is a craftsman – he truly enjoys the complete, hands-on process of converting a tree into lumber then into a final product.

James spends much of his free time exploring the outdoors with his family. They live in a log home on the bank of a river in central Virginia.